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Seat types

There are two seat types in long-distance trains – beds and sittings. The high-speed trainsand express trains traveling for less than 6 hours usually offer sittings. The1st class carriages in the overnight trains have two beds in one enclosed room,the 2nd class includes 2 lower beds and 2 bunk beds in one enclosed room andthe 3rd class has 4 beds in a non-enclosed area.

The minimal number of free services in the long-distance trains includes tea/coffee order 3times a day (in branded trains — at any time on passengers` request), supplyingwith refrigerated boiled water, cleaning-up the berths and providing with information.

The Sapsan high-speed train features sittings only. The passenger seats of the business class cars in the Sapsan train include adjustable backrest, individual lighting, folding or window table, folding footrest, built-in audio-visualunit, socket between seats for notebooks and recharging. Services included inthe business class ticket price are fresh newspapers, travel set, children’stravel set for people traveling with children, hot meal from the menu, freshlybrewed tea, natural coffee, soft or alcoholic beverages and booking a taxi.

The passengerseats of the economy class cars in the Sapsan train feature adjustable backrest,individual lighting, folding or window table and folding footrest. Fresh newspapers and bistro services areavailable at extra charge.