Russian Train tickets – Booking tips

When to book train tickets
In Russia there exists a definite period of time for booking the train tickets. The passengers can book Russian train tickets beforehand (120/90/60/45 days  prior to the departure date depending on the route). In the occasion if you would like to book tickets for later dates, you can send us your reservation request. When you book the tickets, you need to know what types of seats or berths you want. We will check if there are the wanted types of seats available for your desired travel date. However, we will do our best and find another train or a different class ticket for you for the same date.
Electronic tickets (e-tickets)
Electronic ticket is a modern technology for purchasing train ticket. It is a paperless form of standard ticket, an electronic version of the ticket offered instead of traditional paper ticket and securely stored in special data base in electronic form. Having an electronic ticket means that a certain seat is reserved in your name. Today an electronic ticket is the most popular and suitable form of ticketing for passengers. It contains passenger information, route, train fare, payment and ticketing office data etc. To board some trains in Russia, you need to exchange the voucher for a boarding pass at the Russian train station. It can be done in a ticket booth (it should have an E-ticket sign) or electronic terminal at the train station. To board a train you need to have your passport.
The procedure of train tickets cancellation
Contact us if your travel plans change and you need to cancel the ticket. Train tickets can be cancelled no later than 3 days prior to the departure date. A cancellation charge 1400 RUB per seat will apply. Cancellation requests received later than 72 hours will not be accepted. To cancel the train tickets you should fill in the offered on the site cancellation form. By submitting it, you agree with our terms and conditions.
How to change the train tickets?
If you want to change the date, train, type of the seat or time of your departure, you need to change the ticket. You should contact us, if your travel plans are going to change. Take into account that Russian train tickets can be changed no later than 3 days before the departure date provided that tickets are available. A 1400 RUB charge per seat will apply. Requests received later than 72 hours will not be accepted. To change the train tickets you have to fill in the offered on the site form, including the details of your request: new dates, passengers, full name, passport, date of birth, train, class of seats.