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Moscow train stations

The trains in Moscow depart from 8 train stations

Leningradsky station

Leningradsky station

3 Komsomolskaya sqr.
The Leningradskiy railway station serves trains departing to the north-west of Russia, as well as to Estonia and Finland. Long-distance trains follow to St. Petersburg and Murmansk, Pskov and Petrozavodsk, Velikiy and Velikiye Luki, Helsinki and Tallinn. The Leningradsky Railway Station was constructed between 1844 and 1851 by architect Konstantin Thon under the decree of Emperor Nicholas I and has the same design as the Moskovsky Railway Station in St. Petersburg. Since the opening The Leningradsky Railway Station has changed names several times and renovated in 1950 and 1972.
Kazansky station

Kazansky station

2 Komsomolskaya sqr.
8 (800) 775-00-00
Kazansky Train Station is located on Komsomolskaya Square and very close to the metro station Komsomolskaya, in the very center of Moscow. Near the station you can find shops, cafes, places for recreation and all possible amenities. Kazan Railway Station is recognized as the largest in Russia, its area is 120 000 sq.m. and it serves over 100 000 passengers daily. Due to the scale of the station, it is able to serve three directions at once: South, East and South-East. The trains depart from Kazansky train station to Adler, Voronezh, Ryazan, Samara, Ufa, and many other cities.
Yaroslavlsky station

Yaroslavlsky station

5 Komsomolskaya Sq.
8 (800) 775-00-00
Yaroslavsky Railway Station is one of the most crowded and diverse in Moscow. From here trains leave to the Pacific Ocean and the White Sea, to the Volga coasts to Kostroma and Yaroslavl, to China and Mongolia. Yaroslavsky Railway Station is the largest in terms of traffic in Moscow, serving more than 300 pairs of trains daily and a large number of commuter trains.
Belorussky station

Belorussky station

7 Tverskaya Zastava Sq.
8 (800) 775-00-00
Belorussky Train Station in Moscow is a monument of national architecture, protected by the state, and at the same time it is a modern railway terminal meeting international standards. Belorussky railway station serves long-distance trains in the western and northern directions of Russia and abroad, as well as suburban trains. It was reconstructed in 2009 when it started to serve Aeroexpress to Sheremetevo airport. Since then free wi-fi is available on the territory of the station.
Kievsky station

Kievsky station

1 Kievskogo Vokzala Sq.
8 (800) 775-00-00
Kievsky railway station in Moscow is one of the most beautiful, it is an architectural monument and is protected by the state. It serves long distance trains and electric trains that run in the western and south-western directions. Kievsky railway station is one of the busiest in Moscow. Monthly it serves more than 600,000 passengers of long-distance trains and 1.5 million passengers of commuter trains.
Paveletsky station

Paveletsky station

1a Paveletskaya Sq.
8 (800) 775-00-00
Paveletsky Station in Moscow - a major transport hub linking the capital with the Middle and Lower Volga and the Caucasus. We can say that Paveletsky Station is a backup of the Kazan Station. Since 2002, Aeroexpress runs to Domodedovo airport from Paveletsky Railway Station. The convenient location of the station allows you to easily reach it from all corners of Moscow, especially since the Paveletskaya metro station is nearby, and bus routes run in all directions.
Kursky  station

Kursky station

29 Zemlyanoi Val St.
8 (800) 775-00-00
Kursk railway station is transit. The railway does not end at the station, but passes through it, connecting the northern and southern directions. From Kursky railway station you can go to the Black Sea coast, to the Crimea or the Caucasus, to Saint Petersburg or to the east of the country. Kursky railway terminal has two parts - above ground, with waiting rooms and ticket offices, and underground - with storage chambers, passageways to trains and metro stations.
Rizhsky station

Rizhsky station

1 Rizhskaya Sq.
8 (800) 775-00-00
Rizhsky railway station is the lowest loaded railway station in Moscow. Today, only two long-distance trains depart from the platform - to Riga and to Velikiye Luki, and commuter trains as well. On the territory of Rizhsky Railway Station there is a scientific Center for Technical Information and the Center for Innovative Development, where everyone can visit an innovative exhibition of railway special equipment.

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