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Russian train Sapsan

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Maximum speed 250 km/h
Number of cars 10/20
Classes of service 7
Main route Moscow - St. Petersburg
Ticket fare 18.98 $
Fastest trip 1h 00m

Sapsan is a modern high-speed train of German quality constructed by Siemens in 2009. Its speed goes up to 250 km/h. Sapsan trains take less than 4 hours in the Moscow - St. Petersburg journey. Over 10 Sapsan trains are regularly commuting between the two cities, from early in the morning to late in the evening. Usually there are 10 cars per train, offering different classes of service from economy to business. Recently, there has been a new 20-car Sapsan train where every type of car is doubled in quantity.

Sapsan train schedule

Moscow St. Petersburg
752А Daily
05:50 3h 33m 09:23
price from 46.20 $
754А Daily
06:50 3h 55m 10:45
price from 45.71 $
756А Daily
07:00 4h 06m 11:06
price from 47.86 $
760А Daily
09:40 3h 50m 13:30
price from 68.30 $
762А on Fri, Sat, Sun
11:30 3h 46m 15:16
Fri, Sat, Sun
price from 61.64 $
764А on Fri, Sat, Sun
11:40 3h 46m 15:26
Fri, Sat, Sun
price from 54.26 $
766А Daily
13:30 3h 55m 17:25
price from 51.84 $
St. Petersburg Moscow
751А Daily
05:35 3h 45m 09:20
price from 46.22 $
753А Daily
07:12 4h 08m 11:20
price from 41.50 $
757А Daily
09:00 4h 10m 13:10
price from 46.58 $
759А Daily
09:10 4h 10m 13:20
price from 49.19 $
765А Daily
13:00 3h 58m 16:58
price from 52.40 $
767А Daily
15:00 4h 00m 19:00
price from 52.31 $
769А Daily
15:10 4h 00m 19:10
price from 51.34 $
Nizhny Novgorod Moscow
757Н Daily
05:05 3h 58m 09:03
price from 28.84 $
Moscow Tver
754А Daily
06:50 1h 04m 07:54
price from 22.66 $
756А Daily
07:00 1h 05m 08:05
price from 25.36 $
766А Daily
13:30 1h 06m 14:36
price from 24.02 $
770А Daily
15:40 1h 02m 16:42
price from 23.82 $
774А Daily
17:40 1h 05m 18:45
price from 23.38 $
776А Daily
19:30 1h 05m 20:35
price from 24.40 $
778А Daily
19:40 1h 04m 20:44
price from 27.73 $
Tver Moscow
755А Daily
09:45 1h 07m 10:52
price from 25.39 $
757А Daily
12:16 1h 11m 13:27
price from 23.36 $
775А Daily
21:49 1h 09m 22:58
price from 20.35 $
777А Daily
22:10 1h 03m 23:13
price from 18.98 $
779А Daily
23:34 1h 01m 00:35
price from 21.16 $

Classes of cariages of the train Sapsan

Seating carriage

Seating carriages have soft seats and folding tabels like on the plane. There are several classes of seating carriages, which differ depending on included services and seats arrangement.

Seating carriage

Sapsan train facilities

Bistro car

A wide selection of hot and cold dishes, drinks, snacks. Tables and a bar.


Twin bio-toilets are located at the end of each carriage.


Free Wi-Fi in business class. In economy class, access to Wi-Fi can be purchased from the conductor.


Children's compartment (7 seats, one of which is intended for a mother with an infant up to one year old) at the end of carriage No. 10 (20). Also there are: a baby rug, a baby cot, a changing table, books, toys and a bottle warmer.


It is possible to transport animals in "Sapsan" only in special places in wagons No. 8 and No. 3. All small animals must be in a special container for transportation, in size it must not exceed 180 cm in the sum of three dimensions, and in weight - 10 kg. Of the large animals, only guide dogs are allowed in the Sapsan.

Disabled passengers

Carriages No. 6 and 16 in "Sapsan" have securely secured places to accommodate wheelchairs for passengers with limited mobility. The seats are equipped with a conductor call button. There is a special toilet nearby for use by wheelchair users. The floor in all areas of the Sapsan train is of the same level, which makes it easier to move wheelchairs.

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