Sapsan is a modern high-speed train of German quality constructed by Siemens in 2009. Its speed goes up to 250 km/h. Sapsan trains take less than 4 hours in the Moscow - St. Petersburg journey. Over 10 Sapsan trains are regularly commuting between the two cities, from early in the morning to late in the evening. Usually there are 10 cars per train, offering different classes of service from economy to business. Recently, there has been a new 20-car Sapsan train where every type of car is doubled in quantity.


Allegro train is the most comfortable mode of transport between Helsinki and Saint-Petersburg. This train takes you from Helsinki to Saint-Petersburg in only 3.5 hours, and vice versa. There are 4 Allegro trains a day in each direction so it is easy to find the departure for the appropriate time: early morning, late morning, afternoon or evening. All staff onboard is a team of exclusively helpful professionals who speak English, Russian and Finnish and are always happy to assist the passengers with any requests.

Red Arrow

The Red Arrow is the most historic train between Moscow and St. Petersburg and still one of the most popular. Red Arrow, or Krasnaya Strela, operates since 1931, being the first Russian branded train. Despite its age, it remains the model for all Russian branded trains. In the first part of the XX cent., Red Arrow train was used by government officials. The most convenient departure time was set for them - 23:55. Since that time the train schedule "Red Arrow" has not changed for a minute - every day at 23:55 the train departs from Moscow and St. Petersburg.


The Russian electrichka (commuter train) has been replaced by a faster and more modern Lastochka train (the name means Swallow and continues a tradition to name Russian high-speed trains after birds). Lastochka connects Moscow and St. Petersburg with many other destinations like Nizhny Novgorod, Velikiy Novgorod, Petrozavodsk etc. High-speed electric train "Lastochka" (Desiro RUS) was developed by Siemens AG. It consists of 5 cars. The electric train can reach speeds of up to 160 km / h. It can be operated in a dual mode (5 + 5 cars).


"Strizh" is a new high-speed Russian train, the adapted version of the Spanish train Talgo, which is successfully used on the railways of Europe. Swift trains or Stizh Trains provide a 4-hours-long commute between Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod. There is another one of these trains for Moscow-Berlin travel which has sleeping coaches as well as seating coaches that gets passengers from Moscow to Germany’s capital in less than a day.


The first double-decker trains in Russia appeared before the Winter Olympics in 2014. The first doubledecker train went from Moscow to Sochi. Now there are 9 sleeper double-decker trains in Russia cruising to 7 destinations. Most cars of these trains have second-class compartments. All cars are equipped with a/c and bio-toilets. The compartments are locked with magnetic cards.

Seating Doubledecker

The only two Russian seating double-decker trains run between Moscow and Voronezh. The first double-decker appeared on this route in 2015. The train consists of the seating cars of the first and second class. The cars differ with seat arrangement: 2+1 in the first class and 2+2 in the second class. Other privileges of the first class are included meals, 180 degrees rotated seats, optional illumination. However, the seats are very modern and really comfortable in both first and second class cars.

Nevsky Express

Nevsky Express train reaches Saint-Petersburg from Moscow without stops in 4 hours. It operates since 2001 being the first Russian high-speed train. The speed of the train reaches 200 kmk/h. The train mostly consists of the seating cars with 6-seater compartments. There are two sofas and a table in each compartment. Sometimes there are additional open-planned seating cars. A/c and bio-toilets are available in each car. Meals are included in the ticket price of any seat of the train. Delivery from the restaurant to the compartment is also available.


In 2009 several Russian branded trains were united under the “premium” class. Some trains saved their former names, having got a “Premium” status, others got the universal name of the brand - «Premium». They run from Moscow to eight Russian cities. Premium trains consist of modern cars equipped with air conditioning units and bio toilets, compartments are equipped with LCD TVs and magnetic keys. Usually the train consists of 1 luxury car, 3 first class cars, 10 second class cars, 2 third class cars and a restaurant car.


Rossiya train connects Moscow and Vladivostok in 6 days and 2 hours, making stops in Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude, Habarovsk and other cities. It operates since 30.09.1966 being all this time one of the most famous Russian trains. Usually the train consists of ten cars: 1 first-class car, 5 second-class cars, 2 third-class cars, a restaurant and a staff car. In the cars there are refrigerators, microwave ovens, shower cabins, electric stoves, hair dryer, iron and other necessary things for travelers.

Grand Express

Grand Express train has three different levels of cars depending upon the level of luxury that you can afford. Every passenger gets TV, free w-fi, and complimentary breakfast. Other amenities vary depending on the class of service in the car. The schedule of Grand Express train is one of the most convenient among the night trains between Moscow and Saint Petersburg. The train leaves shortly before midnight, goes non-stop for about 9 hours and arrives in a comfortable morning time shortly before the start of the working day.


«Express» is a branded train of Russian Railways No. 003/004. Since 1976 the train «Express» runs on the route St. Petersburg-Moscow, making this distance in 9 hours without stops. This train features a unique design, high level of service and a comfortable schedule. «Express» train has three different types of cars depending upon the level of comfort in the compartment. Every passenger gets breakfast and hygienic kit. Other amenities vary depending on the class of service in the car. All cars are equipped with bio-toilets and a/c.

Lev Tolstoi

Lev Tolstoi train connects Moscow and Helsinki in 14,5 hours, making a stop in St. Petersburg. It operates since 30.05.1975 and was fully renovated in 2014. Lev Tolstoi is the first night train developing a speed 120 km/h. Usually the train consists of 1 luxury car, 3 first-class cars, 5 second -class cars and a restaurant car. All cars are equipped with bio-toilets and a/c. The compartment is closed with a magnetic key. Meals are included in the ticket price of any seat of the train. Delivery from the restaurant to the compartment is also available.


Megapolis is a train of a private carrier «Tver Express». Since 2006 Megapolis train cruise between Moscow and Saint Petersburg with a short stop in Tver. Train Megapolis is popular among passengers due to its bright colors, perfect comfort, free Wi-Fi and competitive prices. The train consists of the cars with first and second class compartments and a restaurant car.


Arktika train connects Moscow and Murmansk in 35 hours, making a stop in Saint Petersburg. It operates since the sixities and was renovated in 2010, becoming the first and only branded train on Murmansk direction. Usually the train consists of 1 first-class car, 6 second-class cars, 7 third-class cars and a restaurant car. All cars are equipped with bio-toilets and a/c. Passengers can order breakfast, lunch or other meals from the restaurant to the compartment.