Strizh train

Russian train Strizh

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Maximum speed 200 km/h
Number of cars 18/20
Classes of service 5
Main route Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod
Ticket fare 38.20 $
Fastest trip 1h 37m

"Strizh" is a new high-speed Russian train, the adapted version of the Spanish train Talgo, which is successfully used on the railways of Europe. Swift trains or Stizh Trains provide a 4-hours-long commute between Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod. There is another one of these trains for Moscow-Berlin travel which has sleeping coaches as well as seating coaches that gets passengers from Moscow to Germany’s capital in less than a day.

Strizh train schedule

Nizhny Novgorod Moscow
701Н Daily
06:35 3h 49m 10:24
price from 42.93 $
703Н Daily
11:05 3h 43m 14:48
price from 42.92 $
705Н Daily
16:00 3h 48m 19:48
price from 38.21 $
707Н Daily
18:58 3h 36m 22:34
price from 40.34 $
709Н Daily
20:11 3h 48m 23:59
price from 40.22 $
Vladimir Moscow
701Н Daily
08:39 1h 45m 10:24
price from 38.72 $
703Н Daily
13:11 1h 37m 14:48
price from 39.19 $

Classes of cariages of the train Strizh

Seating carriage

Seating carriages have soft seats and folding tabels like on the plane. There are several classes of seating carriages, which differ depending on included services and seats arrangement.

Seating carriage

First class

The cabin consists of two bunks and a folding table. Usually both bunks are lower, but some trains have compartments with one lower and one upper bunk. Other amenities of the compartment include personal reading lights, storage space under the lower bunks and a sliding door. Usually there is also a mirror and in some trains - a wardrobe and sockets.

First class

Strizh train facilities


The train has two food points: a dining car (No.6) and a buffet car (No.7).


Eco-friendly toilets in every car


Access to Wi-Fi is available for a fee


Pets are allowed if the whole compartment is booked.

For disabled passengers

Wheelchair lift. A special compartment with a bathroom, a place for an accompanying person and for a wheelchair.

Map of the main route

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