Express train

Russian train Express

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Maximum speed 160
Number of cars 11
Classes of service 6
Main route Moscow - St. Petersburg

«Express» is a branded train of Russian Railways No. 003/004. Since 1976 the train «Express» runs on the route St. Petersburg-Moscow, making this distance in 9 hours without stops. This train features a unique design, high level of service and a comfortable schedule. «Express» train has three different types of cars depending upon the level of comfort in the compartment. Every passenger gets breakfast and hygienic kit. Other amenities vary depending on the class of service in the car. All cars are equipped with bio-toilets and a/c.

Classes of cariages of the train Express


Luxury carriages (which are called “soft”) have fewer compartments (4-6) and the cabins are larger than in the ordinary first class carriages. There is shower in the carriage or even in the compartment. Most compartments include a private bathroom. Other amenities include TV and individual a/c. The cabins in luxury carriages are sold entirely for one or two passengers, it guarantees the most level of privacy and comfort.


First class

The cabin consists of two bunks and a folding table. Usually both bunks are lower, but some trains have compartments with one lower and one upper bunk. Other amenities of the compartment include personal reading lights, storage space under the lower bunks and a sliding door. Usually there is also a mirror and in some trains - a wardrobe and sockets.

First class

Second class

Second class also known as coupe carriage consists of 9 separate quardruple compartments with four bunks (2 lower and 2 upper), a fold-down table and a sliding door. Among other amenities are personal reading lights, storage space (built-in shelves over the door, boxes under the lower bunks, racks on the wall beside each bunk).

Second class

Express train facilities


Restaurant car: a wide selection of food and drinks. If necessary, you can order meals from the dining car with delivery directly to the compartment.


Eco-friendly toilets in all cars


Wi-Fi in all cars (not always available)

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