Seating Doubledecker train

Russian train Seating Doubledecker

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Maximum speed 160 km/h
Number of cars 7/11
Classes of service 3
Main route Moscow - Voronezh
Ticket fare 20.71 $
Fastest trip 2h 10m
Seating Doubledecker

The only two Russian seating double-decker trains run between Moscow and Voronezh. The first double-decker appeared on this route in 2015. The train consists of the seating cars of the first and second class. The cars differ with seat arrangement: 2+1 in the first class and 2+2 in the second class. Other privileges of the first class are included meals, 180 degrees rotated seats, optional illumination. However, the seats are very modern and really comfortable in both first and second class cars.

Seating Doubledecker train schedule

Moscow Ryazan
740Ж Daily
08:14 2h 10m 10:24
price from 21.54 $
738Ж Daily
16:52 2h 10m 19:02
price from 24.75 $
Ryazan Moscow
737Ж Daily
11:40 2h 13m 13:53
price from 22.55 $
739Ж Daily
20:33 2h 13m 22:46
price from 20.71 $
Moscow Voronezh
740Ж Daily
08:14 6h 20m 14:34
price from 27.49 $
738Ж Daily
16:52 6h 20m 23:12
price from 29.11 $
Voronezh Moscow
737Ж Daily
07:33 6h 20m 13:53
price from 30.40 $
739Ж Daily
16:26 6h 20m 22:46
price from 28.43 $

Classes of cariages of the train Seating Doubledecker

Seating carriage

Seating carriages have soft seats and folding tabels like on the plane. There are several classes of seating carriages, which differ depending on included services and seats arrangement.

Seating carriage

Seating Doubledecker train facilities


A restaurant is on the upper deck of the 4th car, on the first deck there is a bar.


Eco-friendly toilets (two in every car)


Free Wi-Fi (not always available)

For kids

A children's playroom is located on the second floor of the fifth car.

Map of the main route

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