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First & last trains

First departure 00:10
Last departure 23:23

Trains overview

Trains per day 6
Price from 1480 RUB

Route overview

Fastest journey 5h 59m
Distance 392 km

Arzamas - Moscow timetable

Departure time
Arrival time
Travel Time
Departure dates
Price from
Departure time 00:10
Arrival time 06:53
Travel Time 6h 43m
Departure dates Daily
Train 053Ж Chuvashiya
Price from 4896 RUB
Departure time 03:01
Arrival time 09:00
Travel Time 5h 59m
Departure dates Daily
Train 058Э Mariy El
Price from 4546 RUB
Departure time 03:13
Arrival time 10:35
Travel Time 7h 22m
Departure dates Daily
Train 141Г
Price from 2924 RUB
Departure time 22:22
Arrival time 04:42
Travel Time 6h 20m
Departure dates Odd-numbered
Train 081И
Price from 3624 RUB
Departure time 22:25
Arrival time 04:42
Travel Time 6h 17m
Departure dates Even-numbered
Train 075Э
Price from 3424 RUB
Departure time 22:45
Arrival time 05:28
Travel Time 6h 43m
Departure dates Daily
Train 112Й
Price from 1580 RUB
Departure time 23:23
Arrival time 06:15
Travel Time 6h 52m
Departure dates Daily
Train 380Г
Price from 1480 RUB
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