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Train Timetable for Tyumen - Moscow. Buy Train Tickets Online.

First & last trains

First departure 01:12
Last departure 23:12

Trains overview

Trains per day 6-7
Price from 7756 RUB

Route overview

Fastest journey 31h 00m
Distance 1710 km

Tyumen - Moscow timetable

Departure time
Arrival time
Travel Time
Departure dates
Price from
Departure time 01:12
Arrival time 09:23
Travel Time 32h 11m
Departure dates Daily
Train 059Е Tyumen
Price from 16376 RUB
Departure time 06:19
Arrival time 15:58
Travel Time 33h 39m
Departure dates Even-numbered
Train 037Н Tomich
Price from 11026 RUB
Departure time 06:20
Arrival time 15:58
Travel Time 33h 38m
Departure dates Odd-numbered
Train 029Н Kuzbass
Price from 9391 RUB
Departure time 14:42
Arrival time 04:11
Travel Time 37h 29m
Departure dates Daily
Train 069Я
Price from 7956 RUB
Departure time 21:24
Arrival time 05:22
Travel Time 31h 58m
Departure dates Daily
Train 011Е Yamal
Price from 13226 RUB
Departure time 22:52
Arrival time 05:52
Travel Time 31h 00m
Departure dates Daily
Train 091И
Price from 8956 RUB
Departure time 23:02
Arrival time 11:13
Travel Time 36h 11m
Departure dates Odd-numbered
Train 099Э
Price from 9491 RUB
Departure time 23:12
Arrival time 10:30
Travel Time 35h 18m
Departure dates Daily
Train 109М
Price from 7756 RUB
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